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College Business Degree Online

6. University of Northern Arizona 1. Bachelor of Business Administration Online Website At the University of Northern Arizona, distance learners can earn online degrees in three target areas: Bachelor of Business Administration (BPA), Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Management (PAS) and BAS in Technical Management. With appropriate credit terms, technology management programs are ideal for BPA and PAS transfer students or co-graduate students seeking an MBA or graduate program in information technology or pursuing an existing career, respectively. On the other hand, the online PAS in Management program is ideal for students with no professional experience or education who want to start their careers in project management, management or sales. Total value: 12946 Result: 67.44 2. Blue Mountain College Bachelor of Business Administration Online Website A good entrepreneur knows a lot when they see it, and Blue Mountain College’s online bachelor’s degree in business management is an excellent program. Blue Mountain's unique approach to higher education is a complete business curriculum that combines market rates and the high reality of a Christian view of the world, all at truly affordable online prices. At PMC, faculty members serve as spiritual leaders and teachers, 70 of whom hold Ph.D.s in their field. If you are familiar with applying, you can "test drive" the class online to see if Blue Mountain's Easy Business is right for you. Total value: 9244 per year Score: 68.02 3. Southeastern Missouri State University Southeastern Missouri State University. Best Online Business Administration Degree Online Bachelor of Science: Business Administration Website Southeastern Missouri State University won the 2015 U.S. Open. Ranked nationally among the best online bachelor's degrees offered by News, topped the list of online graduate educators, and their online professional degree is no exception. Whether you are looking for a job in management and / or management services, or looking for a good professional degree, SEMO Friendly BSPA can meet your needs. Flexible online delivery, low tuition fees and a wide range of business titles make this program ideal for those who want to climb the corporate ladder in the future. Total value: 11398 per year Result: 68.32 Bear. University of Alabama at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Best Online Business Administration Degree Online Bachelor of Science in Management Website Did you have a bad time getting a business degree? By earning an affordable online business degree at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, you can become one of the financial and strategic leaders in the corporate world and create a career you can be proud of. In the management program, online undergraduate students are allowed primarily in human or public resource management to diversify their career opportunities, with the exception of accounting, information systems, economics, business law, financial management, marketing policies and as many business backgrounds as possible. . . . Total value: 13982 per year Score: 68.62 Harding University. Best Online Business Degree 26. Harding University Complete online certification in business Website Harding University offers a very affordable online business degree completion program designed to meet the personal needs of both adult and continuing learners. If you are over 23 and have 60 college credits or more, you can take your life into your own hands with Harding's "Extreme and Fast" career plans. With the experience of leadership and management, leadership and marketing, with the help of a diverse core business curriculum featuring research in accounting, economics and management information systems, Harding students learn the challenges of modern business management and are easily prepared for it. Total value: 16,516 Score: 68.73 6. Clare University. Best Business Degree Online 25. Clear University Online Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Website Students with experience in public administration can graduate in time with a full online graduate in the Clare Business Administration (BPA) program. Part-time online professional graduate students at Cleary can complete the entire course at home by taking one course per semester or combining a lecture with an online course per session. At the end of the Cape Stoner Senior Project period separate tasks in accounting, ICT and financial management will be combined as students use their learning outcomes and advance to their future management careers. Total